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COCOLO KYOTO (hereinafter “we”) set and construct the following privacy protection policy, and implement it by making all our employees recognize and be thorough the importance of the privacy protection.



Management of the Personal information
We keep our customers’ personal information latest and accurate, and prevent it from hacking, losing, destroying, altering, and disclosing. We strictly manage them by maintaining the security and management system, necessary employee training, and operating the safety measure.

Purpose of Restoring Personal Information
Personal information reserved from the customers are used only for the following purpose; emailing and mailing out documents about information from our store and answers to the inquiries.

Prohibiting the Disclosure of Personal Information to the Third Party
We restore the customers’ personal information properly and do not disclose it to the third party except for the following cases;
  • -If the client approves
  • -The information is disclosed to our alliances in order to operate the service that the customer requests
  • -If the disclosure is required to be based on the law

Safety Measure of the Personal Information
We take measures in order to secure the accuracy and safety of the personal information.

Inquiry from Customer
Personal information is disclosed only if the customer himself/herself wishes to check, change, or delete it. Before doing so, we shall check the customer’s identity.

Compliance and Review
We comply the Japanese law and other rules on our customers’ personal information, review the contents of this policy arbitrarily, and make effort to its improvement.

Please contact the following regarding our management of the personal information.
1F ENJOY Bldg. Kinoshitacho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Tel: +81-75-229-6619

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